Wellness club

Without fitness is impossible to imagine the life of modern man! Over the past few years has become the fitness part of most of us.

Only a person to keep fit, has the strength to succeed. Good physical condition – is evidence of respect for man to himself and to others.

To date fitness includes key elements of aerobics, methods Callanetics, Pilates, weight training, etc. In this way, the classes are very effective – work all the muscle groups, the load varies, there is no sense of monotony. In Wellness-Club sanatorium “Revital Park” all the conditions for an effective fitness and superior results!

Wellness-Club sanatorium “Revital Park” – is:

  • Gym
  • Halls of group programs
  • 25-meter swimming pool with counter, geysers, jacuzzi and waterfall. The pool area are Finnish and Turkish (hamam), sauna, contrasting fonts, jacuzzi, showers, as well as a lovely sitting area.


Gym lessons for beginners and professionals, has obshirnuyukardiozonu. Professional coaches are always ready to answer any question and instruct in the event of difficulties in handling simulators.

To significantly increase the effectiveness of training, we use only the most modern equipment and fitness equipment from leading manufacturers of exclusive equipment LifeFitnessCircuit and Paramount!

Gym equipped with a powerful air conditioning system, which provides a comfortable environment in any weather. It offers customers the cool water from the cooler.

Group exercise rooms

In the clinic, sanatorium “Revital Park” has 3 rooms for group sessions, a variety of sports facilities equipped for training. 2 rooms are equipped with a ballet machine.


Next to the gym is a swimming pool with a length of 25 meters, the depth of different levels, from 1.20 meters to 1.83 meters. The steps to enter the water feature handrail.

Additional device pool:


  • Jacuzzi has beneficial effects on the body (back, arms, legs, abdomen, spine, etc.)
  • Geyser – equipment provider massaging effect, by pushing air through the grill basin promotes maximum relaxation.
  • Counter designed for swimming against the current, simulating overcome great distances in water.
  • Waterfalls “Cobra” to massage the upper body.

To create a good mood in the pool is always the music, set the water cooler, telephone for internal calls, which makes it possible to order in the pool from the lobby bar juice and tea, there are beds for relaxation.

Water in the pool complies with all applicable health standards and rules (SanPiN №

Water intake is made with artesian well located in the resort. The well is licensed, has a passport. To the pool water is the water treatment system that includes:


  • filtering
  • softening
  • UV disinfection

The pool systematically examines the aquatic environment and climate. The system itself is in the pool retsirkulyatornogo type (water is not discharged and is circulated.) Regularly there is a filtration, ultraviolet disinfection and chlorine compounds to the maintenance of pH 7.2-7.6. The system operates automatically to maintain clean water. Pool water temperature of 28-30 degrees is maintained automatically.

The pool area are Finnish and Turkish (hamam), sauna, water bowl, a Jacuzzi and showers.